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The Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Audit If, in this increasingly rigorous Compliance environment, an honest review of your existing Anti-Money Laundering policies & procedures leaves you feeling exposed, it would be wise to organise an external audit of your AML Compliance systems. Your Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Audit can focus on a particular area that may be causing you concern or provide an impartial assessment on the overall state of your defences against AML Regulatory breaches and fraudsters. None of us want our businesses to be used by criminals either to launder the proceeds of their crime or to perpetrate a fraud on us. Nor do we want us or our clients to be used to channel funds to terrorist organisations. Not only would this be morally repugnant but, if it were to happen, it could lead to our business being closed down and to our Money Laundering Reporting Officer’s career coming to an abrupt end. On the other hand our clients are entitled to enjoy the service we provide without being viewed as potential criminals and being put through unnecessary, costly and irritating administrative hoops. Getting that balance right between Anti-Money Laundering policies and procedures that will protect your business without becoming a barrier to you doing business is one of the key aims of the Anti- Money Laundering Compliance Audit. If your AML policies and procedures are too slack your business and your MLRO’s career are at risk. If they are too tight you are depriving yourself of business opportunities and fee earning hours. Your Anti- Money Laundering Compliance Audit will help you get the balance just right. Graham Gibson, who designed the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance module and is our Lead Trainer for new and experienced MLROs, will carry out your firm’s Audit and report to you on how well your firm is dealing with your AML obligations with recommendations on any action required. To discuss your present Anti-Money Laundering systems and how we can help you review and improve them please contact Graham on 01738 442299 (Ext 704)
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