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The Full Compliance Module is a comprehensive, easy to use, Anti-Money Laundering software solution for any regulated firm. It includes everything in the Entry Level module and is the easiest way to ensure your firm is AML Compliant. We hold regular Guided Tours of the Full Compliance module and we would be delighted if you would join us. You will find that we have translated the JMLSG Guidance into a software structure that supports the processes and procedures firms need to implement if they are to be AML Compliant. You create (or we can import) an unlimited number of clients allowing you to carry out ongoing monitoring on all work done for all clients from start to finish.   The following built in and optional checks are available:
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Each client has an electronic MONEY LAUNDERING file where all AML “CDD paperwork” is stored. We have developed smart Risk Assessment Forms (RAFs) to streamline the process of recording the factors taken into account when arriving at the overall risk level for each transaction. The content of the Risk Assessment Forms (RAFs) can be tailored to your preferred wording. To enable you to demonstrate that you have carried out on-going monitoring on all transactions we provide a smart AML Review Form that would be completed before a transaction completes. Again the content can be tailored to your preferred wording. one of the more important stops on the Tour is at the reports available to the MLRO Team to help them monitor that all staff and Fee Earners are implementing the firm’s AML Policy, processes and procedures (correct ID being uploaded, RAFs properly completed and Pre-Completion checks carried out). the auditor’s mantra is “if it is not recorded, you did not do it” we therefore make it easy for all relevant AML information/paperwork to be recorded and stored. Regular and effective training is your best defence against Regulatory Breaches and fraudsters. The AML Training Centre (also included in Entry level module) provides your administrative structure plus a complete Anti-Money Laundering training syllabus, including materials.
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The same code drives the Free Sanctions Lists Checker available from this site.
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