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You, and as many of your Fee Earners as can be spared, are invited to join us to explore how you can use the image of a Red Flag to help your Fee Earners identify and then deal with the 30+ indicators of high risk activity that LSS Inspectors will check your files for. It is obviously not good if the LSS Inspector identifies Red Flags that the Fee Earner has not spotted. Whilst the responsibility for their files rests solely with the Fee Earner, there are serious, and potentially career ending, consequences for the MLRO and others in the firm if Red Flags are missed. We have found when developing the AML Compliance Solution that adopting the image of a Red Flag to indicate "high risk" helps on a number of levels and better protects both the Fee Earner and the firm. The LSS, who have endorsed the AML Compliance Solution, have kindly agreed that we can tag this practical session onto the end of their AML Roadshows. All are welcome and it is free CPD. We would be delighted if you are able to join us and other Fee Earners for what will doubtless be a lively discussion.
All sessions will run from 2:45pm until 4:15pm
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AML for Fee Earners - Red Flags that you can't ignore
Tuesday, 4th October
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Anti-Money Laundering training is effective and easy. Each training session, whether as a workshop or webinar, is aimed at your Money Laundering Reporting Officer and members of the MLRO Team. Regular training sessions are organised and run at our training centre near Perth. CPD is available for all workshops.
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Tuesday, 11 October
Wednesday, 5th October
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Wednesday, 12th October
Apex Waterloo, 23 - 27 Waterloo Place Edinburgh EH1 3BH
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