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Be-spoke & Integrated: Integrating software into an existing IT system or creating a new Cloud based software solution from scratch are both projects fraught with risk and almost impossible to cost. By partnering with us you remove your risk and bring your costs under control. We offer: IT people who also understand the AML regime and the processes and procedures required to comply with them. We work mainly in the legal sector, one of the most high risk and highly regulated sectors in the UK, so it will be easy for us to grasp what is required of your firm in the sector and countries where you do business. Tried and tested software objects that can be modified to work with your systems. Licencing these key building blocks will dramatically reduce your development time and reduce your risk. Skills in integrating with and in passing data between systems. We will work with your in-house IT or supplier to achieve a seamless integration. We take a 2 Phased approach to be-spoke and integration projects Phase 1 is the Assessment. By the end of the Assessment we will have worked up a contract that will include a Detailed Specification, a prototype and a Contract that will govern Price, Timescales, Who owns What and our respective obligations, including training. We will agree a fee with you to complete the Assessment. At the end of the Assessment phase you will have the option of deciding whether you wish to proceed to contract for delivery of your project which is Phase 2. Phase 2 is the Development, Delivery and the 1st 12 months maintenance of the Project. We are confident that we can deliver an AML solution for most businesses no matter what sector or what country they operate in. If we do not think we can we will tell you before we engage with you to carry out Phase 1. If you have a project you are considering or are working on please send as much detail as you would like and we will come back to you.
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