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Running your own in-house AML Training Centre will drive down your annual Anti- Money Laundering training costs to below £1 per head per month. We provide the administrative structure plus a complete AML training syllabus, including materials.
A tried and tested AML Blueprint that you can Benchmark your own systems against. You can tailor the contents to suit your firm’s risk profile and make it easily accessible to everyone in your firm via the Cloud
The MLROs’ Network lets you network with other Money Laundering Reporting Officers in the Cafe, at Webinars and Workshops. Your MLRO will find it a real boon to be able to talk, exchange ideas and discuss issues with other MLROs
The AML Entry Level will help your MLRO’s Team protect your firm against Regulatory breaches and fraudsters, and also drive down your Anti-Money Laundering Compliance training costs to under £1 per head per month. It includes:
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