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Getting Started Workshops
The Getting Started Workshop is the start of the training process leading up to your Going Live with the AML Compliance Solution. Each member of your Compliance Team will depart the Workshop with a clear vision of what they have to do in preparation for your Go Live Date and how they will use the AML Compliance Solution to ensure that your firm is 100% Compliant in 100% of your transactions. We have found that having a maximum of 10 participants at each Getting Started Workshop works best. In keeping with our usual style the atmosphere will be informal, supportive and confidential.
The Compliance Team of any new firm that has signed up to the AML Compliance Solution New members of any Compliance Team who are already using the AML Compliance Solution Existing users looking for Refresher training in using the AML Compliance Solution Prospective users who would like to ‘Try before you Buy’
The Workshop fee is £200 + VAT to include refreshments, lunch and 5 hours CPD. This fee is not payable for any new firm that has signed up to the AML Compliance Solution.
Each session will run from 9:30am until 3:30pm
Who should attend?
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Anti-Money Laundering training is effective and easy. Each training session, whether as a workshop or webinar, is aimed at your Money Laundering Reporting Officer and members of the MLRO Team. Regular training sessions are organised and run at our training centre near Perth. CPD is available for all workshops.
Please call Graham on 01738 500764
for further information